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Weather damage repair in Texas

Residents in need of waterproofing services in their basements should contact KHI Construction & Restoration services for a free estimate of waterproofing services.

KHI Construction & Restoration services offers basement repair services to homeowners who are suffering moisture difficulties in their basements. Anyone who is experiencing these concerns can benefit from KHI Construction & Restoration‘s basement repair services. Some of our products have recently been improved to give a better experience for customers who are having problems with water coming into their basements. These materials are great at keeping water out and preventing mold and mildew from growing.

In Texas, climate change has surely resulted in some unusual weather patterns. This summer, the city saw some of the heaviest rains it has seen in a century and it will witness more floods and water storms in the future too. And with so much rain expected in the future, homeowners should get their basements inspected by a structural engineer for any potential hazards. In addition, it is advised that a homeowner have their home inspected at least twice a year to avoid major problems.

A water damage repair business, such as KHI Construction & Restoration services should be contacted by homeowners concerned about foundation difficulties. A free foundation check is often the first step in the process. We’ll look for pools of standing water inside the basement.

Our specialists may conduct a water test to see if water leaks through the foundation walls if there is no water present. This entails flooding the area with a garden hose to test if water enters the house.

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