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Against All Odds


2020 was a challenging year for most and KHI Restoration also received a restoration challenge too!

A home built on piers in Onalaska, Texas suffered storm damage so extreme the home was shifted on its foundation.  With multiple areas of the home being damaged during the loss, this repair was going to be involved to say the least. 

KHI crews sprang into action and stabilized the home to prevent a catastrophic collapse of the building.  

To complicate matters, the customer’s insurance company under estimated the repair.  KHI Restoration used the latest home restoration technology to instruct the insurance company and their engineer that the approved amount was insufficient to restore the home to pre-loss condition.  

The customer’s insurance company agreed with KHI Restoration’s diligent guidance and approved the correct repair estimate that was over 5 times the original insurance estimate!

KHI Restoration’s diligence and action lifted the customers from despair to elation that their home was going to be restored to a quality their family could enjoy for years to come. 

KHI Restoration owner’s Kenny Delgado and Kevin Phillips took time out of their busy schedules to personally spent time with the customers and direct the insurance company to ensure proper attention to detail on the restoration project. 

Go with KHI Restoration for your restoration needs when you want top quality customer service and restorations repairs to your home.   We lead the Houston and surrounding areas in restoration technology and customer oriented restoration service.

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